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I'm Just A Girl...

I'm just a girl, living in a lonely world. Bettering myself by eating healthy (most of the time, shhhh) and driving full speed towards my goals. I may get side-tracked, but that's what life is. 60 pounds down, three years natural, coding amatuer, happy go lucky (most of the time), West African heritage. Oh, and I write.

Veggie Tales: I Asked For No Meat…WHY?!

Veggie Tales: I Asked For No Meat…WHY?!

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I worked on building a computer, my very own desktop PC. On Saturday, we drove around looking for parts when we got super hungry and decided to stop over at Taco Bell(hey, it’s okay to cheat once in a while :P). Ordering my usual, I asked for black beans instead of meat, and Clinton made sure to tell them that specifically. The guy even got it right on the…

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"Run for 20 minutes and you’ll feel better. Run another 20 and you might tire. Add on 3 hours and you’ll hurt, but keep going and you’ll see—and hear and smell and taste—the world with a vividness that will make your former life pale."

-Scott Jurek, Eat & Run (via zestoftheday)

(via fatmaninalittlesuit)


I want your Monday morning
sleep soaked eyes
dream drenched voice,
lazy bones
‘five more minutes please babe.’

I want your Tuesday afternoon
coffee break,
glasses off, laughter on
‘just hold me for a while
it’s been a hard day.’

I want your Wednesday evening
fingers through hair
teeth nibbling nails
neck craning, eye glazing
‘this paperwork never ends’

I want your Thursday night
drinks for two
bones unbind
muscles let loose
flats, slacks,
‘just me and you’

I want your finally Friday
stretch soul smile,
sun sipping light
from the glaciers in your eyes
fingers unfurl, hand extends
‘c’mon babe, lets go wild’

I want your weekend.
your movie marathon Saturday
reading by the fireplace
kissing in the blankets
want your Sunday morning
orange juice and pancakes
white sheets, tender skin
hair like the Fourth of July
‘let’s not get out of bed today.’

I want your ordinary
and your stress, rest, release
I want your bad day and that terrible night
I want you drunk in my arms
forgetting the place but never my name
I want your lazy and your lonely
and your fist full of fight
I want you everyday
in every way
for the rest of my life.


-On Both Knees | alfaazkibarsaaat (via numbstars)

(via misfitting-skin)


I feel lonely, for some reason. And I can’t shake it. In other news, I am planning on some rigorous cardio in the morning. 

Just gotta keep pushing. I am finally in beast mode.

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